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Group standard meeting held, "have rules to abide by" in vacuum drying industry


On June 7th,2018, the first meeting for <<tunnel vacuum system standard for lithium battery>> was held in Baoan district, Shenzhen.

The project is formulated by the China Electrical Industry Association Group Standards. Drafted by Shenzhen Time High-Tech equipment Co.Ltd, and handled by China Electrical Industry Association Professional Group on Special Electrical equipment. Finally China battery union was responsible for conducting the work.

A number of business representatives attended the meeting including Wang Kun, Deputy Secretary General of China Electrical Industry Association, Wangchao, secretary general of China battery union, Professor Zhang dongping of Shenzhen Vacuum Association, Dr Yangyi of Time high-tech and entrepreneurs of Lide science and technology, who together had a discussion for the draft.

This meeting is of great significance to the standardization of lithium battery manufacturing equipment. On the rapid developing path of lithium battery industry. the formulation of group standard can greatly promote the standardization of equipment manufacturing industry. It is the mission and duty for Time high-tech to provide norms and standard for production and manufacture of equipment in power battery vacuum drying industry.

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